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Commercial Standby Generator

Connecting your business with a commercial standby generator that is just right for you is what makes Budget Electrical Inc. leaders in emergency backup generator solutions for businesses in every industry. Whether you are responsible for an office, nursing home, manufacturing facility, restaurant, a shopping center, or medical facility, we offer the most value and guaranteed results—when you need them the most. Here are some of the top benefits you can experience when you work with us on any generator installation project:

  • Licensed, bonded, insured and safety trained professionals
  • Years of installation experience and an in-depth knowledge of current electrical code
  • We guarantee your complete satisfaction
  • Transparent estimations and affordable rates and product pricing
  • Correct sizing and output capacities

When local utilities go down or a storm takes out power lines on or near your property, unexpected outages can result in avoidable losses and the potential for hazards. Planning ahead will mean lights stay on and heat, air conditioning, computers and phones, machinery and appliances like refrigerators will be back up and running shortly after the main power source has failed. To do this, you will need to hire a licensed company to assess your current power demands and pair you with a standby generator that can handle anything you throw at it. During a free consultation, we can take care of this assessment for you at no charge.

Types of Commercial Generators

Every business is unique when it comes to individual safety and operational needs, and especially power consumption. We’ll help you select the products and technology that will keep your investment and employees safe no matter how long our local utilities will need to correct problems with regular electrical distribution. There are several different types of commercial generators to choose from. These include bi-fuel, natural gas, propane, gas, diesel, and mobile generator options.

The size and capacity of your backup power system also depends on the size and current electrical demands of your operation. We are experts at getting to know the specifics of the work you do in great depth, so we can customize long lasting solutions that take current and future consumption into consideration.

Benefits of an Electric Backup Generator

A transfer switch is able to sense when your system loses electricity and will immediately switch resources to your electric backup generator. This happens within a matter of minutes, and allows you to continue operating to capacity in a safe manner—without anyone having to manually start up systems or run extra cords:

  • Client interactions are not interrupted, and deadlines can be met
  • The safety of your employees and investment in increased
  • Downtime is minimal due to power loss, so sales are not interrupted
  • Environmental controls like air conditioning, heat and refrigeration remain intact
  • Security systems remain online
  • Critical systems can be restored immediately
  • Prevents data loss

Precise Standby Generator Installation

We are deeply familiar with all local building and utility policies on standby generator installation. Once you’ve approved an estimate after consultation, we’ll book a set start date to complete the generator installation at your convenience.

We offer flexible scheduling that puts your needs first and have built our reputation around impeccable craftsmanship. Give us a call right now for more information on how we can lower your expenses and guarantee your complete satisfaction on any commercial standby generator maintenance, installs, repair, or service.

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